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Benchmark Your Design System

Monday, August 10 at 5PM UTC

1 Hour

As markets, regulations, and user behavior rapidly change, product teams must keep pace. For the best teams, design system maturity is the key, enabling them to quickly pivot and transform their entire user experience in days, rather than weeks or months. 


In this InVision Talk, our very own Eli Woolery, Design Stories DirectorNick Hahn, Director of Design Systems Consulting, and Zoe Adelman, Design System Consultant, will share insights and best practices to help you build a design system, gain design system buy-in, and scale more easily and efficiently.


Tune in to:

  • Get a full overview of the design system landscape
  • Explore criteria to measure design system maturity 
  • Learn tips for up-leveling your design system, and how InVision Design System Manager is used by teams at companies like IBM, Viacom, and Santander

Eli Woolery

Design Stories Director, InVision

Nick Hahn

Director of Design Systems Consulting, InVision

Zoe Adelman

Design System Consultant, InVision

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