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Business Impact of Design

Tuesday, August 25 at 5PM UTC

1 Hour

The world needs designers now more than ever — to lead human-centered approaches to challenges that range from pandemics to social justice to climate change. But as economies slow, business budgets will tighten, and designers must continue to communicate their work’s value. 


In this InVision Talk, Alen Faljic, Founder and CEO of d.MBA, Maria Pereda, Director of Product Design at Roadmunk and a d.MBA alumnus, and Alison Rand, Head of Design Operations at InVision will discuss the importance of design to business and share key strategies to help convey its power, including building empathy for your stakeholders, applying business models to deliver design’s impact, and quantifying your work’s influence on the bottom line. 


Join us to:

  • Explore ways you can use design thinking to address business challenges, big and small
  • Learn tips to communicate design’s impact through numbers, metrics, and strategic arguments
  • Gain insights from an alumnus of the d.MBA program who have successfully employed these tools

Alen Faljic

Founder & CEO, d.MBA

Maria Pereda

Director of Product Design, Roadmunk

Alison Rand

Senior Director, Design Operations, InVision

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