Have you been invited to InVision by a coworker recently? If so, you’re in the right place. This guide covers the InVision features that are most helpful for collaborators—including ways to streamline the design-to-code process with Inspect, collaborate with comments, and whiteboard with Freehand. Breeze through the sections below, and you’ll be ready to get plugged into the design process.

InVision for Collaborators

An introduction to InVision products specifically designed for collaborators.

  • Want to watch a quick overview of what InVision offers for collaborators? Check out this video.

Commenting: Easily collect feedback

Streamline your workflow with commenting in the context of your designs.

  • Easily collect feedback in a single place and collaborate with commenting directly inside InVision.

Inspect: Streamline the design-to-code workflow

Access measurements, colors, and assets for development.

  • Embrace magically better handoffs from design to development with Inspect in InVision Cloud.
  • Get pixel-perfect comps, export assets, and generate real code for any design element.

Freehand: Sketch ideas and user flows

The digital whiteboard that’s perfect for sketching designs, wireframing, and instant feedback!

  • Save time and explore your team’s best ideas with Freehand—an endless digital whiteboard.
  • Draft up user flows, wireframes, and more with this versatile tool.

Prototypes: Bring designs to life

Transform static designs into clickable prototypes so you can get valuable feedback before writing code.

  • Upload screens from your preferred design environment
  • create clickable transitions
  • easily share it with others

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