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The Value of Design Accessibility

Thursday, June 11 at 3PM UTC

1 Hour

Design accessibility has serious power. When companies embrace it — and go beyond basic guidelines and legislation — the results can be dramatic: more innovation, improved customer empathy, and better experiences for all. 


In this InVision Talk, InVision’s Abby Sinnott and Soren Hamby will chat with Jake Abma, Accessibility Lead at ING, and Tom Smith, Design Lead at Aviva, about design accessibility — and how it’s changing design practices and user experiences at their organizations. Join us:

  • Learn why accessibility is a competitive advantage for banks and the importance of Europe’s new accessibility laws 
  • Discover accessibility tools and strategies used by leaders in the field
  • Hear about how developers and designers are collaborating on accessibility

Jake Abma

Accessibility Lead, ING

Tom Smith

Design Lead, Aviva

Soren Hamby

Design Advocate, InVision

Abby Sinnott

Editor, InVision

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