Freehand by InVision for Marketing Teams

Build marketing moments that make history.

Level up your marketing team’s Collaborative Intelligence and create successful marketing campaigns from brainstorm to launch.

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Collaborate better. Faster. From Anywhere.

Kick-off brainstorming, journey mapping, and campaign planning with a simple and intuitive design that is adaptable to your needs, no matter where you choose to work.

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Build cross-functional campaigns with impact and ease

There’s no learning curve with Freehand. It’s easy and simple for any stakeholder to jump right in and do their best work— so you can spend more time working together than figuring out how to.

Without collaboration, your ideas sit on a lonely island where your customers can't be reached.

Tracey Lincoln

Global Brand Engagement Lead, Google

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Empower your team with an inclusive, collaborative hub

Invite and inspire collaboration, where every voice feels welcome, throughout the whole project. Freehand levels the playing field and unlocks the full potential of your team.

Unleash your team's talent and create marketing that matters.