InVision for Product Teams

Build successful products with faster feedback and broader buy-in.

Align all your remote stakeholders to save time and focus energy on everything from kickoffs to retrospectives.

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Less presenting, more collaborating.

Bring back that *in-person* energy of gathering around a physical whiteboard and get your work to market faster. It’s simple, inviting, and intuitive so that all of your cross-functional partners — from executives to developers — can jump right in and collaborate in real-time.

Freehand templates are there for every part of the product process

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From sprints to wireframes, and everything-in-between.

Freehand’s versatile digital canvas evolves with you as your projects progress. Work from a single source of truth by embedding related documents, prototypes, design files, task managers, and more to have context at your fingertips and keep work organized.

We chose InVision because they’ve done a phenomenal job of building out collaboration capabilities within their digital product design platform. There are other companies that enable the creation of digital products but not as elegant with collaboration. Enabling collaboration is the magic.

Sanja Partalo

Executive Vice President, WPP

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Buy-in from the right voices — not just the loudest.

Every role has its own shorthand and assumptions. Freehand is like a universal translator, helping your squad, stakeholders, and gatekeepers all understand each other and align on goals as a team, so you can deliver the best products possible.

Bring all your stakeholders together—whoever they are, wherever they are.