Announcing early access to the New DSM!

This training covers everything you need to start using New DSM, the newly released, early access experience. You’ll get tips and best practices for setting up Design System Manager (DSM) for your company along with practical advice on how to use the system.

DSM has been redesigned to empower cross-functional teams to work faster, smarter, and more in sync. Seamless integration with native Sketch Libraries, a richer web documentation experience with branding customization, and helpful in-platform tips are just some of the fresh features we’re rolling out in the new DSM.

Your team will likely want to jump into the new experience and plan the move from the legacy platform to the latest and greatest.

New to InVision? Check out Getting started with InVision.

Getting Started with DSM Agenda

If you have any questions, reach out to Thank you!

Getting started with InVision DSM

Are you using Legacy DSM?

Our product team has recently redesigned and re-engineered InVision DSM, offering a new plugin layout and a new web portal experience. Below is a video recording covering the Legacy DSM experience.

Getting Started with Legacy DSM