Build powerful engineering, product, and design partnerships

Leah Buley, InVision, Katie Womersley, Buffer, Marianna Wickman, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Yasir Dhannoon, Verizon

Join top engineering, product, and design gurus for a spirited roundtable webinar loaded with real-world tactics for building powerful partnerships across your organization.

Here’s why you should attend: High-maturity companies that cultivate robust partnerships between design, engineering, and product teams get bigger, better business results thanks to broader alignment on goals, metrics, tools, and platforms.

How do we know all of this? Because we mapped design practices and team structures at 2200+ companies for The New Design Frontier design maturity report. This world-wide deep-dive into today’s design reality showed us the benefits of strong partnerships—and those benefits are now yours for the taking. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear how you can improve and energize your team’s approach to creating experiences that keep your customers coming back.

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Leah Buley, InVision

As InVision’s Director of Design Education, Leah Buhley researches, analyzes, and shares what makes design teams successful to help empower our customers. Her research is behind the data that we’ll be sharing. Before InVision, Leah worked as an analyst at Forrester, looking at the role of design in business. Check out her book The User Experience Team of One, read more about her, and follow her @leahbuley.

Katie Womersley, Buffer

Katie is VP of Engineering at Buffer and co-author of "Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams" with O’Reilly. At Buffer, she leads the engineering team focusing on crafting productive, effective teams and delivering a world class software product. Her writing has appeared in The Next Web, Inc Magazine and Fast Company. She champions remote work and loves to help others flourish.

Marianna Wickman, Liberty Mutual Insurance

From kids’ entertainment to financial services, Marianna Wickman has spent over 20 years making brand experiences that people love. She does it by focusing on what customers really care about — from product to sales and support.

Marianna has a track record of delivering breakthrough customer experiences for brands like Liberty Mutual, BBVA, Capital One, T-Mobile, Nintendo, Atari, and Nickelodeon. Her passion for omnichannel experience strategy is grounded in expertise that comes from shipping and supporting hundreds of products and services across mobile, web, retail, care and media channels.

Having led design, research, product management, and marketing functions, she’s adept at uniting teams around a shared vision. As Vice President of Customer Centric Design, Marianna currently leads Liberty Mutual’s User Experience team to deliver topline growth by imagining like designers while operating like a business.

Yasir Dhannoon, Verizon

Yasir is a New York-based entrepreneur and the Product Lead at Verizon Wireless, with expertise in artificial intelligence, personalization and omni channel communication. He studied Software Engineering and for the past 10 years he helped create numerous apps and digital platforms for global companies, including Harpercollins Publishers, Colgate, General Mills and more. He is also on the board of a non-profit called The Syria Fund, providing education to over 500 Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

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