How to defend your work against terrible feedback

Austin Knight

We’ve all been there: trying to anticipate design feedback before it happens, drafting responses in our heads, dreading the possibility that our work could be destroyed in a mere 30 minutes. Defending work and ensuring that a design remains intact through a design review can be a challenging endeavor—and in many ways, it requires a specific and thought-out approach.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the best ways for designers to silence their stakeholders, defend their designs during reviews, and ultimately get exactly what they want. It’s time that designers start enforcing their expertise, standing up for their work, and ensuring that it sees the light of day. Right?
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Austin Knight

Austin Knight is a Senior UX Designer, speaker, and author based out of Boston and Rio de Janeiro. He currently oversees the UX for,, the HubSpot Blog, and a range of additional front-end web properties and tools used by more than 8 million visitors per month.

He mentors students and startup founders at Columbia University in New York, co-hosts the UX and Growth Podcast in Boston, leads a study on South American design in Rio de Janeiro, and speaks at events all around the world. Find his latest work and in-depth design essays at

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