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Diógenes Brito, Jason Culbertson, and hosted by Eli Woolery

Lessons from design leaders: Designing to delight at scale

Diógenes Brito, Jason Culbertson and Eli Woolery
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Why do certain designs delight and inspire us while others fail to make an impression? Design-driven companies know that designing with the user in mind is key.

Join us to explore what powers great design with designers from two of the world’s most beloved companies, Diógenes Brito (Slack) and Jason Culbertson (Airbnb). Alongside host Eli Woolery, InVision’s Director of Design Education, they’ll discuss their processes for designing amazing product experiences, tips for collaborating with cross-functional teams, designing for growth—and so much more.

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Diógenes Brito

Diógenes is a digital product designer and engineer from New York, now based in San Francisco. He worked at Google, LinkedIn, and Squarespace before joining Slack in 2014. He was featured on Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business list for 2016, and can be found dancing with San Francisco Bay Area salsa dance teams in his free time.

Jason Culbertson

Jason Culbertson currently leads the growth design team at Airbnb where he has worked for the last 3 years. He previously was a design leader at companies like Yammer, Unity, HotelTonight, BBDO, and McCann. He is passionate about using design to build businesses and spends too much time on cryptocurrency.

Eli Woolery

Eli is the Director of Design Education at InVision. He is the co-author of Design Leadership Handbook on DesignBetter.Co and is a lecturer in the Product Design program at Stanford University.