Designing beyond just the design team

Richard Allalouf

As companies scale in size and complexity, designers and the design process face serious challenges that if left unchecked can compromise the role of design and leave value untapped. Fortunately, there are also some serious opportunities.

In this DesignTalk, Richard shares 2 very different contexts to examine their impact and the opportunities they present to design. You'll hear through his experience how designers best respond, and how—with the help of smart research—designers can choose intelligently how and where to pitch their efforts and maximize value regardless of scale.
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Richard Allalouf

Richard heads up user experience and design at the UK property portal Zoopla. Over the last 2 years he's built a substantial design and research function to support the business as it evolves and scales to the next chapter.

Above this, in response to major acquisitions and around 30 product streams he is fostering a group-wide design community. Zoopla attracts up to 60 million visits per month and is pivoting (and re-platforming!) to support the diverse consumer wants and needs found across the property lifecycle.

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