Creating design-driven data visualization

Hayley Hughes

Visualizing data is central to this key moment in time, when the borders between big and impersonal, and small and intimate information will blur as we’ve never seen before. The greater the quantity and kinds of data collected, the more we need to experiment with how to make it unique and personal.

In this talk, Hayley Hughes will share examples and insights from her work at IBM in order to help you develop your own handcrafted touch to data visualization. You’ll be inspired to bring your work to its highest fidelity.
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Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes leads the design language team at IBM and works at the company's largest flagship studio in Austin, Texas. She’s responsible for driving unity through the experience of IBM’s 3,000 products. Her personal goal is to empower software teams to craft products that are meaningful, useful, and beautiful.

Hayley holds multiple design degrees and leads early career design education projects. Her most recent projects include CoLab, a virtual critique and reflection platform, as well as IBM's first Inclusive Design Handbook to help teams be more accessible and empathetic in their work. Prior to joining IBM, she designed for the Rubin Museum of Art, The Clinton Foundation, Kate Spade, and NBC.

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