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Inside design systems with Brad Frost, Jina Anne, and Marco Suarez—hosted by Aarron Walter

Brad Frost, Jina Anne,Marco Suarez and Aarron Walter
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How can a design system accelerate your team’s ability to innovate at scale?

Join InVision’s VP of Design Education Aarron Walter and design systems leaders Brad Frost (author of Atomic Design), Jina Anne (formerly Salesforce and organizer of Clarity Conference), and Marco Suarez (InVision design systems, formerly Etsy) for an in-depth conversation about the power of design systems.

We’ll cover how design systems bring endless value to the business of creativity, and what Brad, Jina, and Marco learned creating design systems with some of the best product teams in the world.

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Brad Frost

Brad is the author of the seminal book, Atomic Design. A web designer, speaker, consultant, and writer, Brad enjoys helping teams understand how to create successful design systems and workflows. He will be leading a DesignBetter.Co workshop on design systems in Boston on Nov. 15.

Jina Anne

Jina is a consultant, community builder, speaker, and advocate focused on design systems. While at Salesforce, she was lead designer on the Lightning Design System. She organizes Clarity, the first design systems conference (Nov. 28-30), and is a contributing author to DesignBetter.Co’s upcoming design systems book.

Marco Suarez

Before leading design systems at InVision, Marco helped support products at Etsy through design systems as staff product designer, as well as designing at Mailchimp. He’s also an author on DesignBetter.Co’s upcoming design systems book.

Aarron Walter

Currently the VP of Design Education at InVision, Aarron previously founded the UX practice at MailChimp. He is the author of Principles of Product Design and co-author of Design Leadership Handbook on DesignBetter.Co, and the bestselling book Designing for Emotion, from A Book Apart.