Design Systems for People

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just spent months auditing your products, and creating and documenting a design system library. Maybe you’ve even worked with an engineer to start coding its components. But, despite all this groundwork, your teammates don’t use the new system—so it never takes off.

This is one of the most common problems we see when working with teams building new design systems–which is why we know exactly how to solve it.

In this webinar, you’ll learn real-life tactics from InVision Design Specialists Emily Campbell and Neelum Etheridge to help you tackle your design system adoption head-on. Emily and Neelum will share how to:

  • Think about design system users and their processes to find the right approach for your company
  • Design, build, and market the design system as a product, aimed at easy adoption
  • Make decisions about governance and roles to plan for the future
  • Align the design system to a shared purpose and vision that will positively impact your entire organization

Can’t make it or want to reference the webinar later? No worries– we’ll share a recording of it plus links to other resources so you can keep learning.

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Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell is a Senior Design Specialist on InVision’s Design Transformation team, where she helps design teams and leaders mature their practices and increase their impact through workshops, inclusive presentations, co-creation, and coaching. Throughout her career, she has leveraged design methodology to strengthen collaboration between design and engineering and championed design as a business strategy to co-create with and learn directly from customers. She focuses on human-centered design, translating creative strategy into business impact, building a culture of leadership, and collaborating across disciplines.

Neelum Etheridge

As a Design Specialist on InVision’s Design Transformation team, Neelum Etheridge partners with design teams worldwide to elevate the impact of design within their organizations. Before InVision, Neelum was the Visual Director on the consumer experience team at Anthem, Inc. where she led the team’s brand identity and customer experience through visual storytelling. Learn more about Neelum.

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