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Lessons from design leaders: Elevating design in large companies

Arin Bhowmick, Matt Cutler,Sherie Masters and Aarron Walter
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How can large enterprise organizations transform using design principles?

More than a trend, the design revolution is shaping how the world’s most successful and innovative companies approach market challenges.

Join us to learn how Cisco, IBM, and USAA sustainably spread design principles at scale and get executive buy-in.

Hear from InVision’s VP of Design Education Aarron Walter alongside Liz Holz (Distinguished Designer at IBM), Sherie Masters (VP of Design at USAA), Matt Cutler (Director of Product Management and Design Thinking at Cisco) to explore what design transformation means at your company.

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Arin Bhowmick

Arin Bhowmick was the first VP of Design in IBM's product design history. As a user experience design executive with vast experience in enterprise UX, Arin has served in multiple design leadership roles in the technology industry, and is the author of several design patents and publications. Arin believes in empathy driven design thinking and user research based insights as the core tenets for designing meaningful experiences. Arin is currently the VP of Design for IBM Cloud and he heads the global user experience and design practice for the IBM Hybrid Cloud portfolio.

Matt Cutler

Matt Cutler is the Director of Product Management for Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration Technology Group. He is the chair of the Cisco Founders Forum, chartered to accelerate innovation at Cisco globally. Prior to Cisco, Matt was the founder and CEO of, a mobile collaboration platform acquired by Cisco.

Sherie Masters

Sherie Masters is the VP of Design at USAA, where she oversees and grows Design Research, Service Design, Design Language Systems, Design Talent, and Design Education. Prior to USAA, Sherie founded 3 design consultancies, was the VP of Design Strategy at Lextant, and was the head of Digital Design Practice at Fitch Worldwide.

Aarron Walter

Currently the VP of Design Education at InVision, Aarron previously founded the UX practice at MailChimp. He is the author of Principles of Product Design and co-author of Design Leadership Handbook on DesignBetter.Co, and the bestselling book Designing for Emotion, from A Book Apart.