Getting executives onboard with design sprints

Jay Melone

Design sprints significantly condense project budgets and timelines, foster efficient collaboration, and help solve even the most complex business challenges. Still, perhaps because sprints are a fairly new thing, teams looking to implement them often face some initial pushback from executives.

In this DesignTalk with Jay Melone of New Haircut, we’ll learn the specific steps to effectively communicate the value of design sprints, how to set proper expectations and remain relevant to the goals of the business, and how to outline a sprint plan that shows you can take it from start to finish.
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Jay Melone

Jay Melone is the CEO and Principal at New Haircut, a software design firm that helps high-growth companies create better software, faster, by using design sprints. They offer Duco to teams looking to prepare for their own upcoming sprints. Watch his DesignTalk on how to prepare for your first sprint.

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