Freelance contracts 101: Mistakes and best practices from 40k freelancers

Matt Brown

Contracts help protect freelancers from problems like nonpayment, late payments, and copyright infringement. Yet only 28% of freelancers work under a contract.

In this DesignTalk, Bonsai CEO Matt Brown will share the best practices gleaned from analyzing their most successful freelance designers. He’ll cover how to understand the basics of creating a freelance contract, how to avoid key mistakes, and how to ensure that your contracts set you up to grow your freelance business.

Join this talk to get a practical and comprehensive guide on how to build your next freelance contract.
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Matt Brown

Matt is the founder of Bonsai, an automated contracts and invoices product used by 40,000+ freelancers and agencies globally. He lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys surfing, science fiction, and leafy green vegetables.

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