A guide to everyday design ethics

Jonathan Shariat

We can all agree that bad design is bad for business, but the line might be harder to find than you think. So, what happens when designers come up against tricky ethical decisions? Who comes first—the business or the user?

In this DesignTalk, Jonathan Shariat—author of Tragic Design—will discuss common ethical problems designers face every day and how you can design better products by navigating through them.
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Jonathan Shariat

Jonathan is a design leader who is passionate about doing right by others and using design as a tool to improve the world we live in. With over a decade of experience from startups to large companies, Jonathan leverages his unique background to promote ethical design everywhere he goes. He loves to learn and share it through: co-authoring Tragic Design, speaking internationally, and co-hosting the Design Review Podcast. He’s currently Senior Interaction Designer at Intuit in Mountain View, CA where he lives with wife.

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