How to really understand your users' motivations

Misael Leon

As companies look to become more customer-centric, the importance of understanding your users’ motivations is increasing. As designers, it’s our job to gather and synthesize customer input and turn it into actionable design strategy.

User interviews are a great way understand your users’ motivations, but some ideas are hard to verbalize. Plus, traditional 1-on-1 interviews lack flexibility and don’t get to the core of human emotions.

In this DesignTalk, we’ll learn how to use generative research tools—or hands-on exercises—to understand your users' motivations. You’ll learn how to uncover unspoken desires, expectations, and lifestyle habits. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a variety of activities to use to take the speculation out of product decisions and surface new customer opportunities.
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Misael Leon

Misael Leon is a Product Designer at Nearsoft where he’s currently re-designing the complete suite of eFolder products. He enjoys simplifying complex systems by throwing users into the mix through design thinking and human-centered design methodologies.

His mission is to create effective and intuitive visual tools that facilitate the work of others during the software development process with tools like PlanningWith.Cards, Scrum Poker, and Retrospectives.

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