Winning your users' trust with Performance UX

James Y Rauhut and Sam Winslet – IBM

If you don’t have your users' trust, then you don’t have a returning user. So how do you tell the user that your product is serving them as fast as possible? That’s the thought behind IBM’s new design standards on Performance UX.

Optimizations in code allow an efficient experience, but it's design that has the power to convey that efficiency to the user.

In this DesignTalk, we’ll take a look across the industry at how designers are sending this message to their users. Then, James and Sam will share their new design system standards for a company of 350,000.
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James Y Rauhut

James is an ATX designer working on systematically unifying experiences across IBM. He loves to code, research, and try his best for God.

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Sam Winslet

Based in the leafy British countryside, Sam works on IBM and Open Source Blockchain projects, with a background in visual design he's mildly terrified of breaking a build with his code.

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