Mobile banking & design

Stephen Gates, Lotta Lovén, Axel Baumann and David Ruiz

Designing, leading and creating innovation in a highly regulated industry is no easy feat. Financial organizations are faced with the challenge of addressing personal finances, a historically stressful, and even culturally taboo, set of services.  And now, with the added disruption of Fintech startups, cryptocurrency, and the switch from physical cash to digital transactions; organizations need to transform their design practices to delight customers and improve user experiences.

Join us on February 19th at 8 AM ET / 13:00 GMT for a live webinar discussion on how to leverage digital design to create consumer centric experiences and user friendly spaces in Financial Services. We’ll take a deep dive into what it means to rethink an industry that is hundreds of years old and steeped in tradition.

The conversation will be lead by InVision’s own head of Design Transformation, Stephen Gates, along with Lotta Loven, Head of Digital Banking for Swedbank, Axel Baumann, Global Head of Mobile Design at HSBC and David Ruiz, Head of Design for Orange bank.

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Stephen Gates

Head of Design Transformation InVision keynote speaker, designer, host of The Crazy One podcast and former Global Head of Design at Citi Bank.

Lotta Lovén

Lotta Lovén has been with the bank for more than 30 years. She has been driving the digital agenda from the start – from a guerrilla unit of six people until today, when the organization consists of around 700 employees spread over all Swedbank’s home markets. Digital Banking is responsible for customer experience, innovation, development and maintenance of channels and tools used in customer interactions. Lotta is always pushing customer centricity and challenging the established ways of working.

Axel Baumann

Axel is a digital product design professional working for HSBC to build and lead global design teams, processes and operations for world class unified experiences in the financial industry.
Designing from the grounds of research, data informed design and his industrial design background, he has been working in various industries across Germany and Hong Kong to design the future of harvesting, drones and AI driven air conditioning.
If not designing UX for mobile, web or HMIs, he designs and builds boats or cycles long distances in the remote regions of Asia.

David Ruiz

David Ruiz is Head of Design and CX at Orange Bank tasked for conceiving meaningful customer experiences and designing innovative services for banking. He has a wide international experience spanning telecommunications engineering, large customer account management, innovative project leadership and experience design. Optimistic, passionate and challenging, David strives to make business, strategic and technical stakeholders aware of the benefits of an early adoption of a User-Centric design methodology within the innovative chain and the customer experience definition

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