Observe, reflect, make: IBM’s new tools and practices for software design

Russell Parrish & Bobby Smith of IBM
Looking for ways to better collaborate with your product team to close the gap from design to pixel perfect development?

Join IBM-ers Russell and Bobby as they discuss the new tools and practices that IBM is utilizing to create enterprise leading software. We’ll cover team taxonomy—design, development, and product management; agile practices for continuous delivery; and how to improve your workflow handoff with Craft Inspect.
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Russell Parrish

Russell Parrish is a lead user experience designer at IBM, recently tasked with redesigning the IBM Cloud to be more user-centric and differentiated from its competition. He has worked in both the consulting and in-house product development worlds, and he specializes in translating business needs into impactful, human-centered solutions through the use of design thinking, user research, visual design, and other skills.

Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith is a software developer with a focus in front-end development. He works closely with designers to build wonderful user experiences on an enterprise scale. He has a background in both freelance and in-house product development, a Master’s in software engineering, and a development stack that includes HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, SQL, Gulp, and ReactJS.