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InVision Cloud | 4 days a week

Your entire product design workflow connected. Create rich interactive prototypes, seamlessly communicate, gather feedback, and move projects forward. Explore your team’s best ideas on a digital whiteboard, beautifully collect and present designs, inspiration, and more, and don't forget, magically better handoffs from design to development –– all in one tool.

Getting started with InVision Cloud

60 min. – includes live Q&A

Learn InVision Cloud directly from the experts – this session covers everything you need, including how to use: Boards, Freehand, prototyping, Inspect, Craft Manager and plugins, and a quick intro to Studio. There’s plenty of time to ask questions in this live, group session so you’ll feel ready to start using InVision Cloud right away!


  • Optimize your digital product design workflow with collaboration tools like Boards and Freehand
  • Create interactive prototypes that facilitate better feedback and fewer review cycles
  • Ditch the email chains and spend less time managing feedback
  • Streamline the design to developer handoff
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InVision Enterprise | 5 days a week

With Enterprise you can transform how design drives your business, spark design-driven innovation, get to market faster, and empower smarter design. InVision Enterprise users reap the benefits of a secure, connected, scalable workflow. No more disjointed tools—everything your team needs is built right in.

Enterprise: using InVision to design and collaborate at scale

60 min. – includes live Q&A

Come learn with us – this group session covers everything you need to start using InVision Enterprise including: roles and permissions, design workflows, Boards, Freehand, prototyping, managing feedback and collaborators, design tool integrations, and a quick intro to Studio and DSM.


  • Includes everything in our Cloud session plus Enterprise features
  • Experience the team-based workflow that gives you the shortest distance from ideation to launch
  • Manage feedback and facilitate collaboration – at scale
  • Streamline the design to developer handoff with Inspect
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InVision Studio | 3 days a week

With InVision Studio, the world's most powerful screen design tool, you can design, prototype, and animate—all in one place. Studio’s best-in-class layout engine lets you quickly and easily design, adjust, and scale your vision to fit any screen or layout automatically. Rapid prototyping, advanced animations, and integrated collaboration options round out this powerful tool.

InVision Studio: design, prototype, and animate

60 min. – includes live Q&A

A more in-depth session than the “intro to Studio” in our Cloud and Enterprise sessions, this course covers everything you need to start using InVision Studio.This training session is great for the beginner or advanced user and will get you ready to start using Studio right away – from starting a project to prototyping and advanced animations, you’ll get to see it all. 


  • Jump right into the screen design process with InVision Studio’s intuitive vector-based drawing capabilities
  • Create fluid interactions and high-fidelity prototypes faster than ever
  • Learn how to use our frictionless screen animations that get you to the fine-tuning stage faster
  • See how you can design for multiple devices with our responsive element flows, percentage-based geometry, and advanced pinning
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InVision DSM | 3 days a week

Design System Manager, a single source of truth for consistency at scale. Manage brand and UX components—including usage documentation—in one place, connecting design and development across the company. Access libraries directly from Sketch to push and pull changes—from assets to deeply nested symbols—with only a click.

Getting started with InVision DSM

60 min. – includes live Q&A

A more in-depth session than the “intro to DSM” in our Cloud and Enterprise sessions, this course covers everything you need to start using InVision DSM. You’ll get tips and best practices for setting up DSM to manage your design system along with practical advice on how to use and maintain it.


  • Learn design system basics and what it means to manage that system for teams both large and small
  • See how DSM’s Sketch plugin, web view, and API work together to help you manage and share design assets
  • See how to use the features that allow you to iterate on your designs with confidence
  • Learn how to scale your design team, drive consistency, and finish projects even faster
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