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Lessons from design leaders: Scaling design teams

Andrea Sutton, Cliff Sexton and Aarron Walter
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Design leaders from Enterprise companies know that fostering a design-driven organization is key to creating better, more customer-centric products. When your team has thousands of employees, how can you educate on the benefits of being design-driven while also scaling your design teams?

During this talk, we’ll sit down with design leaders Andrea Sutton, VP Design Technology at AT&T, and Cliff Sexton, Director of Enterprise UX at Home Depot, alongside moderator Aarron Walter, VP Design Education at InVision. They’ll discuss ways to educate non-designers and senior leaders on the importance of design, scale your team while maintaining high quality, build a UX culture from scratch, and more.

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Andrea Sutton

Andrea Sutton is the VP of Design Technology at AT&T. In this capacity, she leads the team to create productive, human-centered experiences. Prior to AT&T, Andrea led design teams at Sears, Yahoo!, and Comcast.

Cliff Sexton

Cliff Sexton is the Director of Enterprise UX at Home Depot where he has established a new User Experience practice that supports Home Depot's enterprise applications. His team is currently comprised of 175 full-stack UX designers supporting over 120 products. Prior to Home Depot, Cliff established the design, research, and analytics teams at

Aarron Walter

Currently the VP of Design Education at InVision, Aarron previously founded the UX practice at MailChimp. He is the author of Principles of Product Design and co-author of Design Leadership Handbook on DesignBetter.Co, and the bestselling book Designing for Emotion, from A Book Apart.