The secret to building better products

Oliver Dore

The best products are made by bringing design and technology together at the outset—design informs technology and technology inspires design. Having designers and developers collaborate as one team can unleash the creative potential of both skill sets. So why do most product development cycles still begin with design and end with development?

In this DesignTalk, developer Oliver Dore will talk about how technologists and designers can better collaborate—and how that will improve the digital products they create.
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Oliver Dore

Oliver specializes in UI and web application development, leading front-end architecture at Work & Co. He has launched several high-profile and award-winning projects, including a fully responsive client-side booking and management engine for Virgin America, a beautiful reimagining of the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts site, and a B2B resource site for Google. Most recently, Oliver lead front-end development for

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