January 2015 Inside Design Articles

  • Get 15 high-res photos—free

    Jan 29, 2015 — s there anything worse than wasting hours looking for that perfect stock photo? Maybe it’s finally finding it—only to realize […]
  • 9 bad reasons for a website redesign

    9 bad reasons for a website redesign

    Jan 29, 2015 — It seems like companies decide they’re ready to redesign their website every 2 years or so. But it’s a lot of work! You have to gather a team, find an agency, identify stakeholders, write personas … You get the point.
  • 5 tips on taking design feedback

    5 tips on taking design feedback

    Jan 28, 2015 — Last week, we brought you Dennis Field’s tips on how to give designers better feedback. So this week we thought we’d talk a bit about what you can do to keep calm and keep creating when you get feedback that makes you want to go flip some tables.
  • How asking why can solve your design problems

    How asking why can solve your design problems

    Jan 27, 2015 — We usually perceive design problems as obstacles standing between us and our goal. But that’s just one way of seeing them. Viewed through another lens, they can provide context, structure, and, most valuably, new ways of thinking.
  • Friday inspiration: cityscapes

    Friday inspiration: cityscapes

    Jan 23, 2015 — Cities can be dirty, electric, sketchy, and exciting. But at their best, they’re truly majestic. The lights of the “big city” have inspired artists of all kinds to chase their dreams. Can you identify all the cities listed below? Tweet your favorite moment of “city inspiration” @InVisionApp with the hashtag #citylights!
  • How to give designers better feedback

    How to give designers better feedback

    Jan 22, 2015 — Feedback’s a touchy subject for most designers. So touchy, in fact, that many of us would love to skip that stage of the process sometimes. In the worst-case scenario, it can even feel like feedback providers stand between our pristine, beautiful concept and a delighted world. But we know feedback’s necessary.
  • Inside Design: Media Temple

    Inside Design: Media Temple

    Jan 21, 2015 — Media Temple’s boutique web hosting platform has gained something of a cult following in the design world due to their own focus on design. Not to mention their incredible reliability, convenient tools, fantastic customer service, and commitment to constantly improving and releasing new product offerings.
  • Embrace (in)consistency

    Embrace (in)consistency

    Jan 19, 2015 — Consistency is a powerful thing. As humans we subconsciously expect harmony and order in our everyday interactions. There’s a reason every stop sign around the world looks pretty much the same. When I visited Australia, learning to drive on the other side of the street was hard enough. Imagine if every city had its own custom stop sign—neon purple stop signs—what! In a way, we depend on consistency to make us feel normal and comfortable.
  • An intro to user onboarding, part 2: Testing

    An intro to user onboarding, part 2: Testing

    Jan 15, 2015 — Recently, the team at Fresh Tilled Soil had the good fortune to work with two clients who were open to testing alternate approaches to onboarding—we’ll call them Client A and Client B. Since it was much faster and easier for us to design key screens than develop them, InVision served as the perfect tool for creating clickable prototypes to get feedback. Here’s what we learned from those tests.
  • 11 tips for prototyping with Sketch

    11 tips for prototyping with Sketch

    Jan 14, 2015 — The fine folks over at Bohemian Coding built Sketch specifically for designers who make things for screens, so it’s a natural for prototyping. Here are a few tips for using Sketch to prototype that should make things smoother, faster, and easier for ya.
  • Why content comes first

    Why content comes first

    Jan 13, 2015 — If you’ve worked in web or product design, you’re familiar with the debate over what should come first: design or […]
  • Clever tricks for design collaboration in the cloud

    Clever tricks for design collaboration in the cloud

    Jan 12, 2015 — It’s tough to replace spontaneous elbow-rubbing meetings when you’re working remotely—but it’s not impossible. Here are a few of the ways we create close collaboration between members of our far-flung design team.
  • An intro to user onboarding, part 1

    An intro to user onboarding, part 1

    Jan 8, 2015 — The designers and developers who develop digital products have discovered, explored, and defined problems and best practices for a variety of digital experiences. But there’s an element of web and mobile app design that’s still in its (relative) infancy: user onboarding. That said, a few brave souls are blazing a trail toward better product onboarding. Here’s our guide to their findings.
  • The challenges with progressive reduction

    The challenges with progressive reduction

    Jan 6, 2015 — Progressive reduction (PR)—the dynamic simplification of a user interface (UI) as users become familiar with it—has become a hot topic within the design community. After all, it could be an elegant solution for personalizing user experience at scale. But it’s not without its challenges. Let’s take a look at those challenges—and 5 ways to overcome them.
  • Podcast: driving a product

    Podcast: driving a product

    Jan 5, 2015 — Our fearless leader, Clark Valberg, sat down with our friends at Funsize for a podcast on products. Here are a few of his key insights from the episode.

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