Isabel has always had a passion for design, marketing, and adventure. She graduated from the Interior Design program at the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo, Brazil, and got her start as a professional Designer in film and television. For several years she worked as a set decorator and props master, before relocating to Vancouver, Canada. In her new city, Isabel jumped at the chance to work on a sales team of a local custom apparel company. There she developed a mastery of customer service and sales, and the company thrived as a premier sports apparel supplier thanks to her keen understanding of the relationship between cohesive branding and marketing. Before creating Nook Design Studio, Isabel was the manager of Flüff Design & Decor, a large design and home staging company in Vancouver. She worked closely with the marketing and branding of the company, further sharpening her skills. Now, Isabel is thrilled to bring her years of experience and expertise in design, customer service, and marketing to the development of your online presence.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard