IRL, bitcoin bills might look something like this

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Jun 21, 2017
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Art meets code in Los Angeles-based artist Matthias Dörfelt’s project, Block Bills—a series of 64 banknotes generated from the bitcoin blockchain.

All images: Matthias Dörfelt

Starting at block #456476, each banknote represents 1 consecutive block in the chain. Dörfelt spent 2 years writing a program that turns each block’s hash number into a gorgeous image that looks a whole lot like currency bills.

From Co.Design:

“Why design a bill for bitcoin now? ‘From a technology standpoint, the blockchain, which was invented through bitcoin, is one of the most groundbreaking things that came along in the past couple years,’ Dörfelt says. ‘Bitcoin itself is worth so much money, and it’s so important nowadays that it was something on my mind.'”

See more from Block Bills here.

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