Boards: creating ideation and collaboration magic

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Jennifer Aldrich
  •  Oct 30, 2015
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For designers, having the ability to ideate freely and collaborate with ease is necessary to facilitate successful projects.

Read on to find out how top designers are using Boards to improve their ideation processesTwitter Logo, as well how Boards are taking all of the pain out of communicating and collaborating with clients.

“Over the years, we’ve tried multiple moodboard approaches at Dynamo—manual research boards and countless browser-based solutions just didn’t feel right. InVision Boards allows the Dynamo creative team to collaborate seamlessly and keep our findings organized in one place. It’s also a great way to present our research and pitch directions to clients, giving them the tools to provide direct, actionable feedback on specific elements of the boards.”
Beckii Adel, App Designer at Dynamo
“At MMI, we’ve been using Boards as a digital moodboard. I’m an organizational nerd, so being able to see the most important elements of the design project on a single page has been super helpful. Our clients have fallen in love with our InVision prototype presentations, so this feature just seemed like a great fit for us. We can add in our target demo groups, ideas, quotes, color swatches, and IA elements. They can now see how these things fit together to create an end result. Having our client be part of this design journey is something they really appreciate.”
Melissa Bossley, Lead Designer/Developer at MMI Agency
“We used Boards to gather inspiration, explore color palettes, and show moodboards to our client. Moodboards need to spark discussion, and it’s really great to have a central location for comments and conversations.”
Kyle Hinze, Designer at Copious
“I used Boards to collaborate with my sister on her latest music project, Doe. I gathered my inspiration on the Board and just sent the link to her and her producer. From there, we each added and deleted ideas, honing in on a direction for their new project. After playing around with it for a week, we had a concept. Just yesterday we finished the photoshoot for the album cover. Boards are fast, easy, sharable—and they do more than just look good.”
Chas Barton, UI Lead at Contravent

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