The competitive advantage of design: How InVision Enterprise impacts business results

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Claire Karjalainen
  •  Jun 6, 2017
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The results are in—according to the Design Management Institute, companies that put design first outperform the S&P 500 by 228%.Twitter Logo

More than a trend, the design-thinking revolution is shaping how the world’s most successful and innovative companies approach market challenges.

Design-led brands like Airbnb, Visa, Lyft, and Netflix harness the power of design to create better products, innovate faster, and outperform their competition.

At InVision, our mission is to empower every company to create market-leading digital products and succeed through design transformation.

To explore how InVision helps organizations leverage design, we asked 2,135 of our Enterprise customers around the world what results they’ve seen since adopting InVision Enterprise.

Respondents included designers, developers, managers, and executives from across technology, finance, media, and more.

Here’s what they said:

  • 85% of surveyed customers build better products, faster, with InVision Enterprise
  • 53% increased their competitive advantage
  • 78% improved collaboration between engineering and design

Discover more benefits our customers experience with InVision Enterprise:

See the full report here

“The benefit of InVision is in changing how everyone approaches design. If everyone in your company is thinking about the user, you can’t help but create great products. There’s a tangible ROI attached to approaching design this way.”

–Kerry Hebert, Principal UX Designer, Digital Developed Markets, Visa

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