Introducing the Design Leadership Forum

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Adam Fry-Pierce
  •  Jan 30, 2018
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Digital product design is a relatively nascent field, but one thing is clear: It’s playing a key strategic role in many businesses today. Companies are investing in design and growing their teams at a pace we’ve not seen before. With scale comes the need for strong leadership that understands both the plight of the designer and needs of a business.

That’s a rare combination of skills.

Unlike our peers in engineering, we just don’t have a class or degree that helps us master the art and science that is Design Leadership.

It’s hard to figure out org design when you’re creating the first design org of its size. It’s hard to convey the business value of design when many business leaders still think of design as “making it pretty.” We’re solving these problems, and more, with the Design Leadership Forum.

“It’s hard to figure out org design when you’re creating the first design org of its size.”

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This forum is for the best in design leadership to learn from each other and share solutions to common problems. It’s to advance the practice of design leadership. It’s to elevate design in business.

Design Leadership Forum today consists of ~20 members including Amanda Linden (Facebook), Leslie Witt (Intuit), Frank Yoo (Lyft), Lori Kaplan (Atlassian), Bob Calvano (A+E), and Eliel Johnson (Charles Schwab). We’re now expanding the forum to new members.

Members of the Design Leadership Forum convene at events like dinners and retreats in major cities around the world. These gatherings are for design leaders to have honest conversations about their biggest challenges and get the perspectives of peers who have been through similar experiences. Our hope is that bringing together the highest levels of design leadership will strengthen the entire design community.

Want more info on the Design Leadership Forum? Head over to the Design Leadership Forum page to see a growing list of members, highlights from past events, upcoming events, and to apply.

Are you an aspiring design leader? Check out more posts on the InVision blog for the latest tips, tutorials, and best practices being used day-in and day-out in the world’s best digital product design teams.

Here’s to leadership, growth, and shaping the future of design together.

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