What’s on your bookshelf? Part 2

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Oct 23, 2015
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Last week, we shared part 1 of our trip into your bookshelves. Today we’re sharing the second half of the submissions you sent in, once and for all answering the age-old question: what’s on a designer’s bookshelf?Twitter Logo

(Lots of really great stuff, it turns out.)

Jen Cook, Visual Communication Designer at

Leigh Buck, Creative Director at Brandfolder

Brett Spiegel, Creative Director at Fuzz

George Bixby, Sr. Product Designer

Jennifer Hogan, Director of User Experience and Design at Getty Images

Bill Gunter, Creative Director at Creed Interactive

Ali Albiani, Designer of Branded Products at Evernote

Jason Gillard, UX Lead at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Jason Ackley, Director of Design, Marketing Services at Morningstar Inc.

Stephen Leineweber, Associate Creative Director at Harlo Interactive

Bri Piccari, Developer and Designer at The Infantree

Hans Tort, UX Designer

Christopher St.Cyr, Creative Director

Dave Hora, Senior User Researcher at Instacart

Katherine Chen, CEO and Founder of Hummings

Alan Conlan, Senior UI design for Paddy Power

Kevin Clayland, Mobile UI/UX Designer at Birst Inc.

Victoria Jaime, Creative Director in Codelitt Inc.

Doron Hirsch, User Experience Designer and Installation Artist

David Higgs, UX and Graphic Designer

Dana Larson, Senior UI/UX Designer

Gabe Hernandez, Design Lead at Sosh

Miguel A. Hernández, UX Design Consultant

Leandro Henflen, VP of Design at Tangelo, Inc.

Jenn Tran, Senior UX Designer at Nitro

Meg Blake, Experience Design Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Australia

Agu Campos, Senior UX Designer

JL Lum, Senior UX/UI Designer at Atimi Software

Chris Heron, Creative Director and Co-founder of Hello you Digital

Makynna Hood, UX and Visual Designer

Amy Abito, UX and Visual Designer

Prerak Patel, Product Designer at InRhythm

Huma Wadood, Senior Information Architect at JCPenney

Michal Nakashimada, Designer at GlobeSherpa

Matt Souza, UX Designer

Tracey Falk, Design Team Lead at Domain7

Travis Bertsch, Senior Technical Integrator for BerkOne

Nicholas Belotti, Visual Designer at Decagon Devices, Inc.

Rosalind Roth, Lead UI/UX Designer at TigerText

Andrea Biraghi, Chief Designer at Docebo

Abla Hamilton, Lead User Researcher at Redbubble

Rakhi Parekh, Senior UI Designer at StubHub

Kofi Opoku, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at West Virginia University

Leslie Brown, Senior Product Designer

Landen Buckley, Head of Product at Storytree

Josh Rumbaugh, Manager of Multimedia Design at Fiserv

Elise St. Clair, Art Director at CAKE

Scott Schaus, UX Designer

Roman Perona, Head of UX at Reevoo

Oliver Howells, Creative Producer

Anna Kovalenko, Product Manager

Candice Yono, User Experience Designer

Beth Cale, Digital Content Manager

Kyle Davila, Junior Art Director

Grady Kelly, Director of User Experience at Ghostery, Principal Designer at MadeUsable

Tom Gillet, Producer at Roll Studio

Nick Bluth, UX Designer

Mike Kozak, Project Manager and Strategist at Wall-to-Wall Studios

Kevin Doole, Full-Stack Developer

Marcos Felipe, Visual Designer at Fjord São Paulo

Rohan Porteous, Creative Director at Agency

Laura Patti, Digital Experience Designer at Bellhops

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