What’s on your bookshelf? Part 1

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Oct 16, 2015
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With all of the ways we consume ideas today, it’s comforting to know that some of us still collect books.

So, we asked a few of you to share a photo of your favorite books on display at home or at your office (or just what you’re currently reading). We got so many great responses that we had to break up this post into 2 parts (check out Part 2 here). Below, take a peek at what’s on the bookshelves of top designers.Twitter Logo

Yuls Walters, Design Team Lead at Huli

Matt Chappell, Design Director at OLAB

Lawrence O’Toole, Partner at The Working Assembly

Corey Hall, UX at BitTorrent

Zoe Tran Do, UX Designer at Slice of Lime

Derek Bender, Product Designer at Uber

Dionne Grayson, Graphic Designer

Sasha Lantukh; Brand, Web and UI Designer

Jason Wight, Interactive Designer – Experience Design at Jack in the Box, Inc.

Hank Knaack, UX Designer and Researcher

Joe Jones; Graphic, UI/UX, and Print Designer

Ning Bhattacharjee, Senior UX/UI Designer

Arpit Jain, Practice Head – UX Design

Christoffer Kittel, Creative Director at Viaplay

Bryan Cesar, UX Designer at Checkout 51

Kedron Rhodes, Design Strategist

Stephanie Reardon, Senior UX Designer at Eze Software Group

Daniel Herman, Director of UX at Haneke Design

Karan Desai, Team Lead, UX/UI and Digital Designs at Skarma

Yohanan Kapelnikov, CEO and Founder at SENSE agency

Filip Florek, Minister of Innovation and Positivity

Darryl Clews, Digital Consultant

Mike T. Henderson, Designer and Art Director

Meg Delagrange, Creative Director at Wanna Pixel Inc.

Jingshu Chen, UX designer at Trifacta

Reiko Sugitani, Contract Sr. Visual Creative Lead

Davinia Jimenez, Creative Director of Pixolüt

Andre Finaga, Creative Ninja

Kathleen MacAinsh, Interaction Designer

Jennifer Allison, Design Strategist and UX Designer

Giovanni Caruso, Interaction designer

Kelly Redznak, UX Designer and Visual Designer

Fabiana Estévez, Diseño Gráfico

Dave Lacy, Front End Software Engineer at PubNub

Steph Wharton, Web Designer at Webspec Design

Alex Mamel, UX Designer at Independent Financial Partners

Julian Vidal, Director of Ops at The Free Thinkers Collaborative

Mark Jones, Head of User Experience at Reactive

Manuele Capacci, Interactive Product Designer and Consultant

Kasia Bytnerowicz, Creative Brand Director

Rolf Anders Storset, Digital Product Designer at EVRY

Drew Albinson, Graphic Designer at the Wildlife Conservation Society

Jake Peters, CEO of Contentacle

Want to see even more designers’ bookshelves? Check out Part 2!

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