Facebook iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Jan 26, 2017
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Resources like Facebook’s iOS 10 GUI and our suite of plugins, Craft, have been game changers for time-strapped designers looking to supercharge their process. That’s why we’re so excited to share that Facebook’s iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft. 

The kit, downloadable as a Craft Library file, gives you access to hundreds of key iOS components and elements. We’ve partnered with the Facebook design team to make those assets easily searchable within Library, and they’re completely compatible with all of Craft’s revolutionary plugins. 

Beginning on Friday, September 14, 2018, we will no longer offer the Craft Library plugin for Sketch. You'll still be able to continue managing shared libraries and design systems within InVision’s Design System Manager. For more information, check out this Help Center post.

How to get started:

  1. Make sure you have Craft installed
  2. Download the new Facebook iOS 10 GUI Craft file 

For more help getting started, check out our Help Center

Once the file is imported, you can access, filter, and search the kit’s assets with Craft Library, right inside Sketch.

That means you can use the Craft Duplicate plugin to easily clone any kit component. Then, use the Data plugin to instantly populate components with relevant text, images—even JSON data—in a click. Do your thing, then use Craft Sync to send your designs straight to InVision, right from inside Sketch.

Craft by InVision supercharges your screen design workflow.Twitter Logo And now that it’s paired with Facebook’s iOS 10 GUI, all the elements, components, data, and tools you need are at your fingertips so you can instantly get started. It’s the easiest way to kick off your screen design creation in Sketch.

Get the kit—now for Craft

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