This mural at Facebook NYC took 35 days to complete

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Sep 13, 2017
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Austin-based artist and illustrator Sophie Roach recently spent 35 days creating an incredibly detailed mural at Facebook NYC in her signature abstract, playful style and was cool enough to share progress photos on Instagram.

One of our first questions was, “How do you even begin to plan something this huge?” Sophie gives us a glimpse into her process in the photo above.

Day 1 blobbin' at #fbny! @fbairprogram #fbair

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A video from Sophie’s first day on the job. Only 34 more days to go…

Day 12 #fbairprogram #fbny

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12 days in. Color starts popping up as Sophie continues to draw. And draw and draw. My back hurts just looking at this.

And here’s a video tour of the finished mural:

We’re completely blown away by Sophie’s mural—not to mention so inspired that she’s made a career out of doing something she loves. Check out more of her work here, and follow her on Instagram.

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