Meeting vs. working and how technology makes all the difference

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Brittany Anas
  •  Apr 28, 2022
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When the team at Webex shifted to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic, they were uncertain of the impact it would have on product innovation. They worried that their team might not be able to build products with the same level of quality and deep thinking as they would in person. But in fact what happened was the opposite. 

“Innovation actually accelerated during that time, and part of the reason was because of the tools that we were using,” says Jeetu Patel, EVP/GM, Security & Collaboration, Cisco. 

InVision CEO Clark Valberg recently sat down for a fireside chat with Jeetu to discuss the most important quality technology can provide in creating collaborative connections while remote.

Listen to the entire conversation below:

Reducing context switching to increase collaboration 

Jeetu says that the key to their success was fusing together the tools they use in the place that they spend the majority of their day to reduce context switching and increase collaboration. In his team’s case, InVision and Webex.

“When we’re meeting in-person and all in the same room, we understand that we’re working. The narrative cycle exists in real-time. A presentation is an opportunity for connection and creativity. But, when you’re not in the same location, a meeting can feel like just a meeting. Someone is presenting and we’re listening,” says Clark. 

With the integration of InVision and Webex, they are blurring the line between working and meeting, so that teams can move seamlessly from a conversation to productive collaboration all in one place. The quality of communication and collaboration is what drives the outcomes; great conversations create great products.

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