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Connect your workflows: Slack and Google Calendar, now integrated with Freehand

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Chris Vandermarel
  •  Nov 8, 2022
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Teams far and wide have been witness to the collaborative power of InVision’s Freehand. It’s the place to run more inclusive and effective team meetings, brainstorm, and do collaborative (messy) work as a team.

But in a world where work is becoming more asynchronous, crossing time zones and borders, it’s crucial that everyone knows when there are critical updates and comments directed toward them in their Freehand’s, and when they do meet live at the same time they are all immediately on the same page Freehand.

That’s exactly why we’ve launched these new integrations, to become a part of your daily workflow, and ensure everyone has what they need to be successful.

Never miss a beat – get alerted in Slack

With our all new Slack integration, it’s easier than ever before to ensure that you’re always up to date on what’s happening inside Freehand. Anyone in a Freehand can easily @mention other users inside stickies, comments, and in pages. As soon as you’ve tagged a user they’ll receive an instant alert inside slack if they have the InVision Freehand Slack app installed.

Every meeting should have a Freehand, now directly in Google Calendar

While Freehand has always had a Google Calendar integration that allows Calendars to be embedded inside of a Freehand, this all new integration makes attaching a specific Freehand to a meeting a snap.

With the new Google Calendar Integration installed, easily find the Freehand you want to attach to a meeting. With the Freehand directly inside the calendar event, all attendees can prepare, pre-read, and add content before the meeting, pick-up the right content when they join, and reference the Freehand afterward if they need to clarify what was discussed. So start giving those Kick-offs, brainstorms, and roundtable meetings an attached Freehand today.

Learn More – get started today!

Our recent Product Showcase Webinar covered these and many more recent and upcoming enhancements to InVision’s Freehand. Here’s an excerpt on the sections that highlighted the Google Calendar and Slack Integrations.

Learn more about how to install our Google Calendar and Slack Integrations today!

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