Simplified mobile handoffs—now with Inspect

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Kaysie Garza
  •  Jul 20, 2017
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They say there’s no I in “team”—and there isn’t one in “product” either.

It takes an entire team to build a great product, which is why we’ve created another way to enhance how designers and developers collaborate.

Now, Inspect—our powerful collaboration tool for pixel-perfect design handoffs—supports iOS and Android design. This means you’ll be more equipped to speed up your team’s workflow by giving members instant access to important details without tedious email threads. Whether you’re building for web, iOS, or Android, Inspect offers powerful features Twitter Logoto simplify handoffs, improve web and mobile collaboration, and drive design team-wide.


Ready to collaborate faster and more accurately?

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Craft Sync plugin
  2. Select which artboards to send to a new or existing prototype in InVision
  3. Click Share to make them Inspect-ready and add developers
  4. Start collaborating as soon as other stakeholders get access

That’s it! Developers can gather important information for web and mobile collaboration—like units, code, and color—in a single click, whenever they need it.

“Before Inspect, it felt like handoffs were as cumbersome as the design process.”

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How your team can make the most of Inspect

The end results are way better when designers and developers are united, and that leads to happier collaborators too. Inspect is already right inside the InVision platform you use to work together—along with our efficient JIRA integration. “Before Inspect, it felt like the handoff to engineering used to be as cumbersome as the design process. Now we make a design, get it in InVision, and build it,” said Jared Latimer, UX Manager at Bloomberg BNA.

Simplifying mobile and web handoffs cuts steps from the process—and helps build products faster, for any screen.

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