InVision welcomes Silver Flows to bring prototyping into Sketch

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Clark Valberg
  •  Mar 14, 2016
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We believe the screen has become one of the most important places in the world. Creating and refining this new medium is both an art and science of profound complexity and sheer delight.

The tools needed to forge the next generation of screen-based experiences will bear little resemblance to those that powered the era of print and graphic design. The dynamic nature of web and mobile product design demands a fundamentally new canvas and radically new approach to collaboration.

That’s why we created InVision and its desktop companion, Craft.  

The next step in our journey will bring an unparalleled degree of continuity between InVision—the industry standard design collaboration platform used by more than 70% of the Fortune 100, and Sketch, the industry standard screen design canvas.     

We’re proud to welcome Silver Flows to the InVision family.

Silver Flows allows users to define all of the logic and transitions required to create prototypes directly inside the Sketch interface. The tool has been in development for more than a year, and it’s currently in private beta. We’ve been working with the Silver Flows team to incorporate this functionality directly into an upcoming release of our Craft plugin for Sketch.

The Silver Flows team joining InVision is yet another giant leap toward our vision of building the product design and collaboration platform of the future. A vision shared by the nearly 2 million users already on the InVision platform today.

Introducing Craft 2.0—coming soon

We’ve been working with the Silver Flows team to bring prototyping into the upcoming release of Craft 2.0. Get a small taste of just some of the new features you’ll see in Craft 2.0!

Coming soon in Craft 2.0—desktop to InVision cloud continuity via Craft. All prototypes, animations, and design changes will automatically sync with shareable InVision prototypes, and vice-versa (all changes in InVision will sync to Sketch files).

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