InVision + Jira: Now even more seamless, for more teams

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Lizzie de Cantor
  •  Jan 31, 2020
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Last April, we announced major improvements to our Jira plugin—in particular, the ability for designers to directly embed InVision prototypes into Jira issues for developers. While these updates were incredibly exciting for many of our users, our integrations were still limited for those not using Jira Cloud. But today, we are excited to announce a fully-functional InVision Plugin for Server and Data Center customers, as well.

Now, teams using Cloud, Server, and Data Center can do the following—all without ever leaving their workflow in Jira:

  • Attach InVision share links to an issue, open, and interact with prototypes
  • View annotations
  • Comment back to designers
  • And most exciting of all: Access Inspect from an assigned issue to grab build information and download assets

If you’re using Jira Server or Data Center: this doc has you covered for installing and using the plugin

If you’re on Jira Cloud, here’s your guide for getting your team access to this update

This update is just another step in our partnership with Atlassian to improve InVision and make work life better for designers, developers, product management, and QA teams. Stay tuned for more updates to our integrations throughout this year!


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