15 designers reimagine HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

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Shakti Sotomayor
  •  May 2, 2017
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It’s safe to say that most of us here at InVision are huge fans of HBO’s Silicon Valley. As cheerleaders for UI/UX design, we watched the events of season 3 in horror as Richard and company launched a poorly designed—and even more unacceptably user-tested—app.

Were you surprised when their user rate plummeted? Neither were we.

The answer for terrible user rates was obvious to designers—the Bangladeshi click-farm fiasco could have been avoided by implementing an effective design strategy from the beginning of the launch of Pied Piper, and definitely not as an afterthought.

We were curious—how would designers have changed Pied Piper’s UI/UX to make it more successful? To celebrate the recent premiere of season 4—and because we love website and app concepts so much—we’ve curated this roundup of our favorite Silicon Valley redesigns posted on Dribbble. Check them out!

Hooli Dashboard by Henrique Macedo. Okay, we know this isn’t Pied Piper, but we love this simple, clean dashboard concept for “the most respected brand in the world”.
We can’t get enough of this adorable Pied Piper mouse logo by the fantastic Nick Slater. Bravo! ?
Pied Piper Compression Cloud App by Rifayet Uday. Using the classic Pied Piper green, but in Rifayet’s own aesthetic. Awesome!
We love this beautiful Pied Piper Homepage concept by Kshitij Choudhary, and especially the use of the company’s slogan.
Kshitij Choudhary is killing it again with the mobile version of his Pied Piper website concept.
Pied Piper Logo Redesign concept by David Ly. “The small ‘P’ represents the universal compression algorithm that is the underlying technology behind the company.”
Awesome Pied Piper beta concept by Niteesh Yadav in celebration of the beta launch episode!
Pied Piper website redesign concept by Roi Himan. I spy the new logo idea! ⚡️
“Hey fellas, is it me or is it a bit chilly in here?” We love this Pied Piper native messenger concept by Justin Owen Jackson!
Pied Piper homepage concept by Rene Agudelo. Crisp, clean, and we dig the new logo.
The Pied Piper Crew WIP by Nate Farro. Nate captures each character’s spirit so perfectly—iconic!
Pied Piper Branding Concept WIP by Leo Ventura. So great to see alternative color combinations for the classic Pied Piper logo.

BONUS: Did you know that the awesomely talented Dann Petty (yes, that Dann Petty) was approached by show makers to update the Hooli logo back in 2015? Rad!

HBO Silicon Valley — Hooli Logo by Dann Petty. In the words of Hooli CEO Gavin Belson, “In order to achieve greatness, we must first achieve goodness.” And this logo is great.

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