For 20 snacks, designers get creative

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Apr 20, 2018
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For all our buds in need of some dope Friday inspiration: We thought we’d pipe up and pack a post full of our most favorite snack-related illustrations on Dribbble. Scroll down and enjoy!

Sneaking In Snacks by Alexey Kuvadin

Snacks of America by Meg


Food Icons by Scott Tusk for Yelp Design

Milk’s Favorite Cookie by Amber Anderson

Slices Forever by Aaron Sechrist

Snacks & Candy by Patswerk

Crisp Chips by Lisa Puttagio

Foodie Friends by Mel Tan

Snacks by Louie Mantia

Super Snacks by Kim Steinhilber

One For Me One For You by Maggie Donovan

Munchies ?by Caseyillustrates

Fast Food by Wahyu Setyanto

Nacho Time by Andrew Millar

Hot Dogs! by Christian Siles
Candies illustrations by Daniele Simonelli

Give me liberty, with a cherry on top! by Jay and Shannon Doronio for Beutler Ink

Animal Fries by Grant Fisher

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