InVision’s most popular design resources

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Shayna Hodkin
  •  Oct 11, 2019
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What kickstarts creativity and streamlines design processes at the same time? InVision’s design resource kits and packs are a collection of interface elements that are available for use and adaptation—and InVision’s are 100% free for use.

Reusable icons, templates, and components speed up your design workflow—so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by creating a library of ready-to-go icons, templates, wireframes, and more.

Here are our five most-downloaded packs, ranging from icon collections to a full-on design system.

1. Essentials icon pack: The most-used icons in one place

Use these icons to bring your next idea to life—faster.

Spend time working on your design, not keeping your icons in order. The Essentials pack has 140 icons in six different formats, so you’re covered for all major and minor UI needs.

Save time and be consistent with The Essentials.

2. Form: A free wireframe kit

Create large-scale design projects faster using Form.

This wireframe kit featuring a library of 200+ elements ready to be put to use. Rely on these layouts, components, and symbols to take care of the little things, while you put your energy towards creating beautiful designs.

Start wireframing.

3. Velocity: A dashboard UI kit with a robust design system

Put the pedal to the metal on your design using this UI kit and design system.

Get organized.

4. Scratch: A UI Kit to nourish your creativity

Cook up a delicious design using this tasty, tasty UI kit.

Feed your mind.

5. Smart Home: A digital UI Kit for the physical world by InVision

This UI kit has all you need to manage your hypothetical customer’s smart devices, like thermostats, lights, and other appliances, that make for a connected modern home.

Make yourself at Home.

Check out the rest of our design resources for more of that creative goodness.

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