New updates to Boards—flexible spaces to share ideas

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Jan 13, 2016
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InVision Boards provide a flexible space to tell stories, share files, and collaborate with team members—throughout the entire design process. Today, we’re excited to introduce a few powerful new features for Boards. Let’s take a look.

  • Create faster with zoom. By using the new zoom function, you can see more of your content—in context—making creating presentations, galleries, and moodboards a breeze. With a bird’s-eye view, you can build faster and more intentionally by having control over everything—all in one screen.
  • Easily duplicate a Board. You asked, we listened. Now, copy any one of your Boards with just a click.
  • Collaborate live. When your team works together on Boards, you’ll now see each other’s updates immediately, in real time.
  • Performance enhancements. We’ve rewritten how items in a Board are rendered, so now you and your team will enjoy more stable performance and lightning-speed viewing.

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