V6 product updates: Spring 2021

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Lizzie de Cantor
  •  May 4, 2021
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This month’s product updates are all about working faster and with more focus. Get more out of Freehand with new updates, plus explore our new design token import feature. Let’s dive in:

New shapes for faster flowcharting in Freehand!

We’ve added more shapes, like triangles and diamonds, to Freehand to make creating flowcharts and wireframes even faster.

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Group objects to speed up your work

No need to painstakingly adjust individual items within Freehand. Get back time in your day with the new ability to group text, shapes, and other objects.

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More specific sharing in Freehand

Instead of giving everyone on a team the same access, you can now control who does what. Share with your whole team or choose who to invite.

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Import Design Tokens from Sketch

With the new Sketch import and the DSM API, Design Tokens align both design and development on scaling styles across products, platforms and brands.

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Get a sneak peek of our product roadmap

Watch InVision’s Chief Product Officer Eleanor Morgan kickoff our roadmap conversation. She’ll discuss our vision, recent product launches, and a preview of what’s to come.

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See what else is new

  • DSM is more flexible than ever. Now you can add, rename, and reorder top-level Page categories. Plus you can now control who can view draft versions.
  • Ensure all new InVision accounts from your company’s email domain are secure and managed centrally, with enterprise domain control.
  • We continue to add to the Freehand Template gallery. Most recently, Microsoft Teams shared their agenda template for efficient meetings.
  • We’ve added the ability to export the comments on your Prototypes in .CSV format.

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