Incredible animated 3D illustrations by Lorenzo Etherington

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Rachel Starnes
  •  Sep 28, 2017
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A brief list of things that shimmy, things that shake: misaligned wheels, booties, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, tectonic plates, Shake Weights

And these amazing comics by UK-based illustrator Lorenzo Etherington, whose 100-page hardback book, The Art of STRANSKI, came out last year backed by Kickstarter funds, and accompanied by a set of custom 3D glasses which readers could use to create their own image shaking (perhaps users of the Shake Weight had an advantage here?).

Lorenzo says:

For several years I’ve been posting up illustrations for an ongoing mystery project called STRANSKI. Inspired by my passion for Golden Age comics, classic animation, and weird fiction, the artwork from STRANSKI hints at a bizarre animated movie…

With Lorenzo illustrating and his brother Robin writing, the two work as The Etherington Brothers, and together are responsible for the comics Long Gone Don, Von Doogan, Baggage, Monkey Nuts, and Freaky and Fearless .

In addition, they’ve created comics, art, or stories for Disney, DreamWorks, Aardman, and the BBC, among many others. Lorenzo also posts awesome PDF drawing tutorials on a variety of subjects including breaking glass, robot arms, mushrooms and fungus, angry expressions, and sausage dogs, which is apparently what they call Dachshunds in the UK.

Other examples of his illustrations and free chapters from his comics can be found here.

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