Introducing Styles—Beautiful, instant style guides in Craft

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Mar 10, 2016
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We recently shared Craft, a groundbreaking set of free plugins for Sketch and Photoshop to bring real data and lightning speed to your design workflow.

Now, we’re excited to share Styles. It’s a tool that generates a stunning, comprehensive style guide for your designs in Sketch with just a click.

Styles, which exists within the new Craft Manager, will create a new page within your Sketch file with your project’s color palette, fonts, and text styles. You can add custom elements like buttons, symbols, and more, too.

Need to make a project-wide style change? Just change the Styles-generated guide and it will sync the change across your entire project.

When you update or download Craft, you’ll get Styles, as well as the new Craft Manager. The Manager exists on your desktop and makes future updates a breeze.

Discover what the design world is buzzing about. Get Craft—now with Styles—today.

Craft—design with real data in real time

Design screens using real data in real time with Craft—a free suite of tools for Sketch and Photoshop to help solve your UI design challenges of the future.

Craft is comprised of 3 plugins: Type, Photos, and Duplicate, available directly inside Sketch and Photoshop on installation.

“Design screens using real data in real time with Craft by InVision LABS.”

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Automatically populate your design from a preset database of names, email addresses, countries, cities, ZIP codes, and more. Or pull from a webpage or your own private files with Type. Contextually relevant content lets you make better UI decisions and accelerates your workflow.


Add photos to your design straight from your computer, Dropbox, or Unsplash in one click. No more constant alt-tabbing between your browser and your design tool—everything is at your fingertips to drop in the perfect images, sized to fit your design.


With Duplicate, easily copy any design element with pixel-perfect precision, vertically or horizontally, as many times as you want with the exact spacing you need. Boom—done.

Together, this suite of tools brings next-level speed, context, and precision to your entire design process. Duplicate a UI element, add placeholder photos, and assign each a name in seconds.

Craft is a product of LABS, our newest project to nurture and create the design tools of the future. More is coming soon, so stay tuned.


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