7 cryptocurrency app interface designs for your inspiration

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Emily Esposito
  •  Sep 5, 2018
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We might not all be Bitcoin billionaires (at least not yet), but everyone can appreciate a beautiful way to look at cryptocurrency.

Here are seven of our favorite examples of cryptocurrency app and wallet interfaces, found on Dribbble.

By uixNinja. The dark background with bright gradients help make the most important information pop. The modern interface and clean lines make it clear how each individual coin is performing.

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By Outcrowd. With this dashboard, you can toggle between different user profiles to see how each person’s portfolio is performing (if you were part of a mining pool, for example). Reminiscent of a traditional marketing or analytics dashboard, this interface is easy to navigate and highlights important information at a glance.

By Nina Geometrieva. Most of us just really want to know one thing: how our portfolio is doing, explains Nina. Usually, you have to look at a percentage summary (which doesn’t tell you if one coin is pulling its weight or if it’s a distributed change) or you have to look at a list of numbers, requiring more mental energy to figure out what is going on.

For this design, Nina wanted to summarize this important piece of information into a “living, breathing visualization which would require zero brainpower and would be very glanceable.” Each shape represents a different coin and the color indicates if that particular coin went up or down, with the size of the shape indicating the holding percentage.

By Manoj Rajput. With light and dark versions, this app interface keeps things simple with only two contrasting colors. In fact, both lighter and darker color themes can help with data consumption—users tend to prefer lighter themes aesthetically. However, when looking at performance data, users tend to make faster decisions with data in darker themes.

By Filip Legierski. The soft gradient, combined with some hints of contrasting colors, creates a soothing interface (a nice change when compared to the chaotic nature of the markets!).

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By Asha Rajput. The variety of bright, fun colors add a level of playfulness to the once serious nature of bitcoin portfolios. The colors also make it easy on the eye to navigate around the app and digest the information.

By Kamil Januns. This interface features scannable, relevant information about each coin. And, as an extra surprise to delight its users, there is a “To the moon alert!” that appears when certain coins are performing extra well. To top it off, this cryptocurrency app was created in a two-day hackathon. Read about how the team achieved this using sprint rules.

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