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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Jun 23, 2016
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Since its launch, Craft has brought more than just speed and data to your designs—it’s revolutionizing the screen design workflow for designers everywhere. 

Now, we’re supercharging Craft’s plugins to bring you Data, one ultimate plugin that pulls text, photos, and JSON values from public API values into your design. 


Public API values are as real as it gets. Snag JSON values from sites like Spotify, Twitter, Facebook—even your own organization’s site—for up to date, true data inside your designs.


Forget lorem ipsum. Craft’s first plugin is better than ever now that it’s bundled inside Data. Pull real, relevant textual content into your designs.Twitter Logo


Spend time designing, not alt-tabbing and copy-pasting images from Google search. The Photos tab within Data places consistent, contextual imagery into all layers of your design.

Data empowers you to pull whatever values you want—text, photos, and now public API values—live into Sketch. And Data works perfectly with the other plugins inside Craft, so your workflow is absolutely seamless.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Data now!

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