The books, podcasts, and TV shows that inspire design leaders

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Adam Fry-Pierce
  •  Jun 21, 2018
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Inspiring people come in all shapes and sizes. Some are unassuming while others walk into a room and fill it with a big personality. All of them share something in common: the ability to move others.

I often wonder, what inspires the inspirational? I’ve had the opportunity to dive into this question with high-performing design leaders all year. There have been over a dozen Design Leadership Forum dinners and retreats where hundreds of leaders have gathered to connect and talk shop. Each event features conversations surrounding a major challenge that most design leaders face in their roles. We’ve discussed hiring, collaborating with the c-suite, scaling design teams, and more.

Each event begins with a simple question asked around the room: What’s inspiring you? Here are some of the answers shared at these events:





Articles, blogs, and websites

These events weren’t random. They were all part of the Design Leadership Forum, a global community of about 550 members (and growing). It’s a place for design leaders to come together, connect, and have honest conversations about some of the most difficult challenges they face in their leadership roles.

Every community member leads others in (or for) teams making digital products. If you want to be part of this community, nominate yourself, and join us at a future member event.

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